Artist Statement               

Making art absorbs me entirely and when I’m on, I follow myself to uncharted places where I am provoked, engaged, then ultimately filled. I chase after myself to see what I am up to; sometimes I find out. Drawing well is my biggest challenge; I can’t ever put it down, the regression is too painful. Making art is the second best part of being human. 

Originally, I’m from Minnesota. As a child, I was often left to my own devices and spent much of my time in the Natural World. That hasn’t changed.  I travel extensively which opens my world view.  Settling first in Taos for 30 years and now in Santa Fe, I have been  influenced by the abundant creativity found in New Mexico and by my ongoing love affair with the Earth. 

Currently, I have clay fever and like most makers am drawn to local clays. I am at work now on a series of  hollow ceramic sculptures I call Alien Love Rocks. Not illegal, not an invasion, but LOVE. My intention is to create other worldly, hollow, rock like ceramic sculpture that rattle and to elevate the label Alien, to bring a little humor, a little pause and reflection, a little New Mexico,. Here’s a small nod to personal activism and FUN!  Alien Love Rocks. Yes it does.

Sharing my work gives me great joy. Thank you.